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Meehan Hill

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Meehan Hill, marking the start of your journey back from Marion Bay, boasts a rugged cliff face that commands attention. As you wind your way back along the coastal path, it's hard to miss. Nestled beneath this natural landmark lies a beach that's as unique as it is inviting. The sand here isn't your typical powdery stuff it's more of a surf sand, with a bit of grit that adds character to the shoreline. But don't let that deter you; there's a charm to it that draws you in. What's striking about this spot is its surprising shelteredness. Despite its exposed location, there's just a slight roll of swell, making it a comfortable and enjoyable place to spend time. Picture yourself strolling along the shoreline, feeling the coarse sand beneath your feet and hearing the gentle crash of the waves. It's a scene that's as peaceful as it is mesmerizing. Whether you're lounging on the sand, soaking up the sun, or catching a few waves, Meehan Hill Beach offers a laid-back atmosphere that's perfect for unwinding and reconnecting with nature. So, if you're looking for a spot that's a little off the beaten path but still offers all the charm of a coastal escape, Meehan Hill Beach should be on your radar. Pack your sunscreen and surfboard and get ready to experience the beauty and tranquillity of this hidden gem.

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Yanandu Narungga

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There is no surf at this beach.

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