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Burner's Beach

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Where the sky touches the sea.

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This beach sits right in front of a popular camping location, a hit for keen campers with young children. This campground usually has a few campers all year round but is often full in the warmer months. The campground gives a social feel. This beach is a safe sheltered beach without surf some 30-40 meters from the campsite.

Burners Beach is sometimes called Levens Beach. Burners Beach white sand starts at the Burners Beach Campsite and extends almost to The Pines. Interestingly somewhat uncommon the point between Burners and Couch is sand bank. During winter storms Burners Beach can be completely overrun by seaweed. But it leaves as fast as it comes. In past years the seaweed has been some 5 feet tall.

Burners Beach also has a natural boat launch from the rocks near the entrance to the campground. The campsite itself is nestled below a long sand dune which provides great cover from the wind. The campsite also has toilets.

History about Burner's Beach.

During the mid-thousands some many thousand Paper Nautilus (Argonaut) shells littered many beaches on the Southern Yorke Peninsula. A great number of those shells were located on Burners Beach. These shells are beautiful and rare. It's hard to find a Paper Nautilus shell for under $100 with most fetching $300 each.

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Alternate names for Burner's Beach.

Yaliwirawl Narungga
Levens Beach

Surf Report.

There is no surf at this beach.

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